An artist is a person who works with mind, hands and heart. Shelley was self-taught in the days before internet or video instruction, in a small town's night school classes. The love for pottery started to grow.

She collected and read countless books and kept copious notes. Shelley attended many symposiums and conferences.

She has studied at Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts, and has also studied with Robin Hopper. This resulted in the development of some of her most famous glazes. This self-taught devotion has developed the passion and skills that would lead to turning earth into pottery.

During this time, she and her husband were in Abbotsford BC in a townhouse, but they were always looking to have a place with more space. In 2004, they moved to the country, to a beautiful ½ acre location near the Vedder River.

Shelley’s work started to become known. It is an authentic handmade and handcrafted pottery with unique colours and styles.

Shelley recently retired as a long time nursing professional. She is highly energetic, and bursting with enthusiasm. We are delighted to partner with Shelley.

Shelley’s work