Ruggid Coast originally started with an idea to bring a new line of Canadian made products for sport fishing and the outdoors. While creating some of our products we started to work on a number of custom metal projects with our customers.  Many of these projects involved working with local artists, and different designers.

As the business started to change Ruggid Coast started to design a number of custom metal art for various clients, and it grew from there. As a result a new line metal artwork was created with the help of local First Nations artist Trevor Husband.

All of our products are designed, and manufactured locally on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Everything we carry is 100% Canadian made. We believe it is important to keep our manufacturing and design within Canada so it benefits our local economy.

The spelling our name Ruggid is for a reason . The "i" in Ruggid stands for our island (Vancouver Island) to remind our customers where our products come from.

Ruggid Coast’s work