Maxwell Newhouse was born in Campbell River, B.C. on August 1,1947. Early in his youth he excelled in art. In recent years, he has become particularly noticed for his wonderfully detailed and lively folk art paintings with their whimsical themes and careful attention to the details of everyday life.

In 2001 he was published by Tundra, using the style of art he has become known for. At present he has two illustrated children's books and another one author-illustrated. Max and his wife, Lillian, have three children, two sons and a daughter. After living in Vancouver and the North Shore for 20 years, they moved to Chilliwack and now live in Harrison Hot Springs, BC.

Four Seasons of the Canadian Flag

Max Newhouse created his piece, the Four Seasons of the Canadian Flag to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our flag in 1975.

His project was marred with controversy by the up coming Quebec referendum to separate from Canada. Critics suggested he was depicting the end of Canada due to his last painting; a picture of the flag with no Maple leaf, just an empty space. The project was mothballed and placed in storage for 40 years.

In 2015 Canada celebrated the 50th anniversary of our flag. Max took the work out of storage to celebrate.

On the other side of Canada, in Kingston Ontario, an accomplished composer, saw the image in the National Global and Mail. John Burge could not get the image out of his head, and contacted Max to embark on a project that would bring music and art together.  The combination is magic to interpret the four seasons of the Canadian flag starting in summer with the full glory of the Canadian Maple leaf, then leading into fall with the maple leaf falling gently to the ground laying on its side, winter with the blank white canvas showing the wonderful starkness of the snow, leading into the tiny maple leaf of spring.

John Burge does an amazing job of bringing us full circle as he puts the Four Seasons to music and takes us on a journey of our Canadian year.

John’s music was played by the National Youth Orchestra of Canada to celebrate Canada 150. The NYOC played in Nanaimo and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Max’s images, and his other works can be viewed and purchased at Canwest Art Gallery on the Lake in Harrison Hot Springs, BC. Did we mention... Max also creates the most amazing driftwood furniture? Talk about a multi-talented artist......


Maxwell’s work