Joyce was one of the first Canadians to be bestowed Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society (NWS – U.S.A.). She was also one of the first women to be given the top ranking title in the Federation of Canadian Artists as a Senior Signature Member (SFCA). Exhibitions of her works in national and international juried exhibitions have earned her many articles internationally. Some of these include the books, Painting Composition (US), Painting Color (US), Abstract in Watercolor (US), Best of Watercolor (US), Looking In, Looking out (Canada); the magazines, American Artists (US), Art Impressions (Canada), Asahi Graph (Japan), Watercolour Gazette (Canada); International Artists (Australia); Viewpoint, (Canada) and the dailies, Vancouver Sun (Canada), and Times Colonist (Canada).

Joyce was born in Steveston, B.C., and spent her first four years in the internment camp, Lemon Creek, B.C., then in Japan for nine years. Her return to Canada took her to Montreal for two years then back to Richmond. Years after obtaining her Bachelor of Commerce and Business Administration Degree from the University of B.C., she studied art at Kwantlen and Langara colleges.

"My paintings represent my personal response to the environment. My ideas are not whole impressions but fragments of what fascinates me and are the seeds from which my works begin to develop. As a result, although they undoubtedly have roots in my daily life, they are a good deal removed from reality. Florals, landscapes and people continually captivate me. The medium and support of my expression vary depending on a combination of my mood and the mood the subject creates in and of itself within me. They both range from soft transparent watercolours to vibrant mixed media on paper; from gentle brush strokes and textures on maisonite to bold brush sweeps in oils and acrylics on canvas."

Joyce’s work