From Caron

"I am a creator and I have always had an inner drive to make something out of anything. Sticks, stones and of course pine cones can draw me into a little world all my own. When I am busy with a new project I become very driven until the work is complete. I have been working with stained glass for many years but it was only recently that I found my own unique style of mixing other natural elements with the glass. I was once again hooked and the ideas started flowing. I find all of the inspiration any artist could dream of from living in one of the most beautiful places on earth, White Rock BC Canada. I am a short walk through a park to the Pacific Ocean and I can always see one mountain range or another in the distance. Incorporating sliced agate, polished stones and even fossils gives my windows a unique twist on a very old technique using copper foil that was invented by Louis Comfort Tiffany."

Caron’s work