"I was born in a small town in Saskatchewan. In 1990 my family and I moved to BC. After testing the waters in many places in the lower mainland, in 1995 we settled in Yarrow, a small community between Abbotsford and Chilliwack. I have two children, both married to the most wonderful partners. So far, I have two beautiful grandchildren. I have been married to my husband for 41 years. My family is a constant source of joy.
I have been working with glass for almost 30 years. I began with mosaics, leaded stain glass windows, fusing, and painting. I am primarily self-taught, by trial and error, good books, and inspiring teachers/friends. As a lifelong learner, my work will continue to evolve as I experience the joy of discovery and exploration with glass.
Each piece begins with a sketch. I carefully choose the right type of glass to turn the sketch into glass art. The glass I work with is hand cut, layered, and often hand painted with kiln fired glass paint.
Each piece has at least two layers and is fired in the kiln.
Pieces are often fired multiple times, each firing taking 24 hours or more. Light plays with the finished pieces, either transmitted or reflected, giving the work new meaning.
Once finished, the glass takes on a life of its own, a beautiful life force within."

Kae’s work