Wayfinder Sculptural Ceramic Piece, by Holly McKeen

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Approx. Dimensions: 22" x 12" x 17" tall.

"Wayfinder" is a complex ceramic sculptural centrepiece with a variety of reflective one-of-a-kind glaze surfaces.

This cairn style sculpture includes a stack of 6 wheel thrown and altered hollow porcelain "river rocks" resting on a large hand-built base. Another group of smaller wheel-thrown and altered "rocks" create an interactive aspect to this sculpture offering the ability to change their placement as the flowing river might have dictated or as the mood strikes.

The Artist has formulated multiple original glazes containing rare earth metals, unique materials and multiple firings in order to achieve the surfaces desired. These special effect glazes echo crystal clear stream water tranquilly flowing over and around this piece as it marks the way home along the rivers edge.

Read more about the artist Holly McKeen - (canwestgallery.com)
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