1 HOUR Parking Free! Jun09

1 HOUR Parking Free!

PAY PARKING IS BACK.... For the Summer!

Effective June 15, until Sept. 15, the metered parking system will return to the Esplanade area. As Canwest greatly values your business, we will reimburse your first hour fee, provided that you spend a minimum of $10, with us, before tax! Parking revenues are used to maintai...

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I love Kaleidoscopes!

Just received the last lot of Kaleidoscopes by Canadian artist Wheels of Imagination who decided to stop production and retire. Act quickly. They make a great gift or coffee table conversation piece. You can find pictures under the category Art Pieces/miscellaneous on the website

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Beautiful BC Jun21

Beautiful BC

No need to travel much for discovering how beautiful BC is. The landscape is ideal for pictures, seasons give us great colours, the hours different perspectives... Have a good camera, a bit of imagination and do not hesitate practicing.. [caption id="attachment_2912" align="alignnone" width="300"]Read More

Be Cool for Summer!

Now we talk Fashion.. Summer sensation at Harrison Hot Springs.. Three wish bracelet to bring you luck and fun to wear. Collectible and Colorful! Available in Brick, Fire, Forest, Wasabi, Sky, Mustard, Stone, Midnight, Periwinkle, Lilac, Blush, Chillipepper, Eggplant and  Navy colours. Silk and Sterling Silver bracelet.

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