Peter Daniels’s Pottery Jan13

Peter Daniels’s Pottery

Just adding a new artist at the Gallery with multi-talent artist Peter Daniels who presents his pottery collection.. Functional and beautiful, Peter proposes pieces with red and blue dominant colours.. [foogallery id="2573"]  

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Carole Baldock’s Pearls Feb01

Carole Baldock’s Pearls

Canwest is excited to debut fabulous cultured pearl pieces, from renowned Vancouver artist, Carole Baldock. Carole has an intimate knowledge of freshwater pearls, combined with exquisite silver accents. We have some terrific combinations of pink, white and chocolate pearls... ear rings and necklaces! Come and see them... [foogalle...

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Water Colour 11th of February Class Feb12

Water Colour 11th of February Class

Pictures taken at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa during the Water Colour Class with Errol Brimacombe on the 11th of the month of February. Exhibition of Errol's work from 8.30 to 7pm on Saturday the 11th and from 8.30 to 5pm on Sunday the 12th. [foogallery id="2704"]

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The Beauty of Jade

Does Jade have healing powers? It is claimed to be good for the skin, hair, lymphatic system, and bones. An ancient stone with a lot of different beliefs. What is sure, however, whether a green or a white jade, wearing jade jewellery always makes one feel very special indeed...

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Eric Sevigny’s animal creation Mar21

Eric Sevigny’s animal creation

Returning from Montréal where I met with Eric Sevigny, I brought back 3 new Acrylic paintings from Eric's Art collection - Animal series. To be seen at the gallery. More from Eric under 48x24inch

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